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Measurement and Geometry Position

Measurement and Geometry - Position is an approx. 1.5 hr mathematics incursion using environmental and outdoor themes to enrich and strengthen mathematics learning outcomes, specifically ‘Position’ MAG-17MG - using simple maps and grids to represent position and follow routes, including using compass directions.

Students will use GPS devices, compasses, school maps and orienteering games to extend their understanding of the 'Position' outcome of the mathematics syllabus in a fun and interactive way. 

Key Ideas

  • Use simple maps and grids to represent position and follow routes.
  • Determine the directions N, S, E, and W; NE, NW, SE, and SW given one of the directions. 
  • Describe the location of the object on a simple map using coordinates or directions. 

Key syllabus outcomes

This program supports the mathematics syllabus outcome of: 
  • uses simple maps and grids to represent position and follow routes, including using compass directions MA2-17MG 

The Cross Curriculum Priorities area of ‘Sustainability’ is also a feature of this program.

Skills outcomes

During the program, students will develop knowledge and skills in:

  • Using a key or legend to locate specific objects
  • using given directions to follow a route
  • using coordinates on simple maps to to describe position
  • using a compass to find compass points
  • using compass directions to describe the location of an object on a simple map 
  • working mathematically to discuss the use of grids in the environment 
  • use computer software involving maths position and paths
  • create a simple map or plan using computer tools/software
  • use simple coordinates in games. 

On the day activities:

During the incursion, students will:

  • Learn about the concept of 'position' using a compass and basic school map.
  • Use school maps and compasses to take part in a playground orienteering challenge to strengthen their understanding of 'Position'.
  •  Use a GPS device to learn about the concept of Global Positioning System.
  •  Use Google MyMaps to create an individual orienteering challenge for classmates.

Pre visit and follow up resources

Pre visit activities

Activities prior to the delivery of the program will help prepare students for the day as well as link the program to the class program.

These could include:

Follow up activities

Pre and post vist resources PDF 99KB


  • DoE - $10 per student (GST free). 
  • Non Government School $15 per student (GST free). Minimum cost of $600.

Incursion program downloads

Download these documents to help with your incursion planning: