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Come to the party

Come to the Party is an incursion program designed to support the ES1/S1 History syllabus in the topics Personal and family histories and Past and present family life. Students will participate in story telling and birthday party activities that focus on three different periods in time: the present, the 1960s and 1880’s. Old fashioned craft activities and traditional and contemporary games will be used to link the past and the present and show continuity and change by encouraging interaction, empathy and participation from students.

Key inquiry question

  • How has family life changed or remained the same over time?
  • How can we show that the present indifferent from or similar to the past?

Key syllabus outcomes

  • communicates an understanding of change and continuity in family life using appropriate historical terms
  • demonstrates skills of historical inquiry and communication

Integrating the ‘Sustainability’ Cross Curriculum Priority is a feature of the program.

Skills outcomes

  • distinguishing between the past, present and future
  • identify and compare features of objects from the past and present
  • recognise difference and similarities between individuals and families in the past and present

Previsit and follow up resources

Successful excursions have direct links to current classroom learning. Pre-visit activities carried out prior to the excursion will help students better understand their excursion content and provide connectedness and relevance to classroom learning.

Download the student pre-visit and follow up activity worksheet (DOCX 47.8KB).

On the day activities

During the incursion, students will:

  • listen to a story about a fictitious boy who visits three different time periods to learn about customs and celebrations at family birthday parties
  • identify different drinks and foods from different time periods
  • learn about family relationships by studying a family tree
  • play a range of old fashioned games like Tug-of-War, Quoits and Hoops
  • listen to a story and play a dress up game with clothes representing different time periods
  • use craft materials to make an old-fashioned toy.

Excursion program downloads

Download theses documents  to help with your excursion planning: