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Taking care of our place

This geography incursion program focuses on the ES1/S1 topics, People live in places and Features of places. The focus of this program is to develop a caring attitude towards the environment and emphasise ways students can contribute to environmental quality at home and at school by undertaking simple actions.

Key inquiry question

  • What are places like?
  • What makes a place special?
  • How can we look after the places we live in?

Key syllabus outcomes

  • Identifies places and develops and understanding of the importance of places to people
  • Describes features of places and the connections people have with places
  • Communicates geographical information and uses geographical tools

Integrating the Sustainability Cross Curriculum Priority is a feature of the program.

Skills outcomes

  • Record geographical data and information by observing, recording and using maps and visual representations  

On the day activities

During the full day fieldwork excursion, students will:

  • locate their school on a google map,
  • listen to a story, and learn an accompanying song, about sustainable school management practices.
  • watch a demonstration of a storm water model to understand the effects of playground litter on local waterways
  • investigate the school buildings and grounds in order to identify and tally positive and negative ground and resource management practices
  • use iPads to photograph school sustainability features and create an environmentally friendly message

Excursion program downloads

Download these documents to help with your excursion planning: