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Waterworks at school

Waterworks at school is an approx. 1.5 hour S1 incursion program  focused on the Science and Technology topic, Earth and Space, particularly the inquiry and focus question, ‘What are Earth’s resources and how do we use and care for them?’.

The program explores how people use science in their everyday lives to care for the environment. It particularly focuses on the Earth’s resource of water of water and how it is used by students in their daily lives. The program will also develop student’s understanding of the ‘sustainability' cross curriculum priority. 

Key inquiry question

  •  What are Earth’s resources and how do we use and care for them?

Key syllabus outcomes

Identify ways that people use science in their daily lives to care for the environment and the Earth’s resources (ST1-9ES)

A student will:

  • identify that some common resources are obtained from the Earth including soil, minerals and water.
  • share their observations and ideas about the ways that water is used by people in their daily lives.
  • identify some actions which could be taken to care for and use water sustainably, eg: taking shorter showers, turning off dripping taps. and;
  • explore ways in which people use science knowledge and skills  in their daily lives to care for the environment and use resources sustainably.

The ‘Sustainability’ Cross Curriculum Priority is a feature of the program.

Skills outcomes

During the program students will work scientifically by:

  • collecting data from observations;
  • recording observations accurately and honestly using informal measurements;
  • comparing observations with others;
  • developing collaborative techniques in order to conduct investigations effectively;
  • plan and implement strategies considering conservation of resources to address sustainability and to meet personal and/or community needs.

On the day activities

During the incursion, students will:

  • learn about resources (like water), where they come from and how they are used at school.
  • watch a demonstration of a stormwater model to learn about where stormwater goes and how to care for it
  • conduct a simple external school water audit to identify and tally water sources, including efficient, and non efficient, water devices 
  • record evidence of other sustainable school practices
  • learn a song about how to use resources, like water, more sustainably 
  • design a strategy to improve sustainable use of a school water, and stormwater management.

Pre visit and follow up resources 

Pre visit activities

Activities prior to the delivery of the program will help prepare students for the day as well as link the program to the class program. These could include:

  • discussing how water is used in our daily lives and where water can be found.
  • discussing terms associated with water such as: taps, rain, water, river, lake, ocean, sea, dam, shower, hose, drought and creating a word wall.
  • sharing one of the following YouTube picture books about water:

All The Water in the World

Hey Water

Follow up activities

  • Practice the The Water song to perform on an assembly. 
  • Discuss students’ responsibility to help with and care for our natural resources and the environment and roles that could be introduced e.g. energy monitors, water monitors, green team or recycling etc.
  • View the YouTube clip The Water Bodies to learn more about water.
  • Compile a collage of student’s drawings of themselves saving water or using water sustainably.

Pre and Post Visit Resources (PDF 84KB)


  • DoE - $10 per student (GST free). 
  • Non Government School $15 per student (GST free). Minimum cost of $600.

Incursion program downloads

Download these documents to help with your incursion planning: