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Heat and Movement

Heat and Movement is a 1.5 hour S2 incursion program focuses on the Science and Technology topic, ‘Material World’.

This program explores how heat and energy effects the behaviour of objects. Through a series of fun, hands-on experiments, students will understand how heat creates a change of state between solids and liquids. The students will plan and conduct scientific investigations to find answers to questions, using age-appropriate materials, and applying the elements of a fair test. 

Key inquiry question

  •  How do materials change when heated and cooled?

Key syllabus outcomes

This program supports the S2 Science and Technology syllabus outcomes of: 
  • identify solids, liquids and gases as states of matter
  • recognise that a change of state can be caused by adding or removing heat 
  • describe examples of changes of state in everyday life 
  • predict and observe the effects of adding or removing heat on a variety of solids and/or liquids.

And the Cross Curriculum Priorities of 'Sustainability'

Skills outcomes

During the program students will work scientifically by:

  • Planning a scientific investigation with guidance;
  • Conducting a scientific investigation to find answers to a question;
  • Use appropriate materials and equipment safely; 
  • Consider and apply the elements of a fair test;
  • Collect and record accurate observations.

On the day activities

During the incursion, students will:

  • Investigate and consider the elements of a fair test.
  • Plan a scientific investigation to show how heat moves within an object.
  • Use materials to show how heat (atoms and molecules) move within objects that are heated.
  • Conduct a scientific investigation showing how heat moves in an object.
  • Create a labelled scientific diagram of their investigation.

Pre visit and follow up resources 

Pre visit activities

Activities prior to the delivery of the program will help prepare students for the day as well as link the program to the class program.

These could include:

  • View YouTube video It’s a State of Matter 
  • Various lessons from the Primary Connections unit Heating Up can be completed 

Follow up activities

Pre and post visit resources PDF 113KB


  • DoE - $10 per student (GST free). 
  • Non Government School $15 per student (GST free). Minimum cost of $600.

Incursion program downloads

Download these documents to help with your incursion planning: